Okay, now that I have your attention, eating breakfast for dinner has a lot of benefits aside from being an excuse to visit a diner. In fact, swapping out traditional dinner foods like burgers, fries, and pasta… for lighter breakfast foods like eggs and oatmeal are healthy.

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Ordering breakfast for dinner could be the healthiest decision that you make all day, keep reading to find out why.

The best part is, more people are starting to notice this too. Researchers say that the consumption of breakfast is expected to increase by at least 5% through 2019, according to data collected by the market research firm NPD Group.

Breakfast has become so popular that Americans are eating it almost everyday, on average a person eats breakfast 361 days out of the year. But, should it really matter what time you’re eating it?

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Jasmine Littlejohn is 9 years old and has never had breakfast for dinner at a diner, obviously that needed to change.

Eating breakfast for dinner be a health conscious decision that even your doctor recommends.

“Eating a light breakfast at dinner instead of the traditional dinnertime fare such as pasta, meat and potatoes is beneficial for a number of reasons,” Natalie A. Nevins, DO, a board-certified family physician in Hollywood, California told Doctors of Osteopathic Medicine during an interview. “The ingredients in breakfast foods are often less expensive, quicker to prepare, and, most importantly, lower in calories.”

That’s all I needed to hear before dragging Jasmine Littlejohn, a 9 year old fourth grader who has never had breakfast for dinner at a diner before, to the Westampton Diner on Rt. 541 for a feast of breakfast classics.

“It feels really weird, like I’m breaking the rules, and I’m really good at that anyway,” said Jasmine.

Dr. Nevins also told Doctors of Osteopathic Medicine that a lot of people tend to skip earlier meals like breakfast or lunch, but then they end up waiting six or seven hours before sitting down for dinner. This caused them overeat, which she says is bad for digestion because we shouldn’t be consuming so many of our daily calories before we lie down for bed.

Jasmine actually skipped lunch the day that we dined at the Westampton Diner and excited to find out that she was actually making the healthy choice (relatively) when it comes to ordering breakfast for dinner.

“I think more people should order breakfast for diner because it’s fun and different and it kind of gets boring with the same breakfast style, it’s good to switch it up sometimes,” said Jasmine as she anxiously waited for her food.

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Ordering eggs, home fries, bacon, and buttered toast with jelly may not have been the most health conscious decision, but, according to Dr. Nevins, this is still healthier than ordering traditional dinner food (especially if you skipped lunch like Jasmine did).

To be fair, Jasmine did end up ordering an over easy egg (ha, surprised you), a side of bacon, home fries, and buttered toast, which may or may not have defeated the purpose. If you really want you “binner” to be healthy, try ordering oatmeal with a side of fruit, a veggie omelette, or avocado toast.

To sum it up, breakfast for dinner has many benefits: it’s healthy, cost effective, and time efficient.

Eating breakfast for dinner can be healthy, cheap, and quick– making it the perfect meal for any broke college student.

Basically, it’s the perfect meal for a broke college student like me.

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