Profile of a Blogger: Ice Cream Magazine (Pansy)

Everything that you need to know about ice cream is right here on the internet, and it has been since 2013.

Pansy, a nick name given to her by her parents from Pansy Potter the Strong Man’s Daughter, first developed the blog in April of 2013 as a way to express her creative side, and love for ice cream, at an unrestrained level. And that’s just what she’s been doing.

herbestbest self 3
Pansy created Ice Cream Magazine in 2013. (Provided by Ice Cream Magazine)

Ice Cream Magazine was created for all lovers a of ice cream and was published in a way that all of its content will be free for users, the blog includes recipes, inspirational, and artisan ideas.

Of course, her love for ice cream and sweet treats stemmed from her passion for cooking. Pansy has been cooking for fun for the past 45+ years, the majority of her life.

“There was the odd dogs dinner early on but most things turn out okay,” she stated on her blog modestly.

Pansy claims that her qualifications are nothing to brag about, but she says she obtained her masters degree in art an design from the School of Survival.

“Which is deplorably un-exercised, as am I,” she joked.

One of the many recipes that Pansy has published of Ice Cream Magazine is this one for fresh strawberry ice cream. (Provided by Ice Cream Magazine)

When asked why she started the blog, Pansy stated that she wanted something to leave behind for her family.

“The blog will be left in perpetuity for my family. Chaucer wrote: The devil makes work for idle hands (also minds in my case),” she said.

The style of the blog varied, meaning that she has no particular style going into the post. She also enjoys pairing more vintage accents with more

The best way that she can describe it is: “Common sense cooking with a few twists and turns, plenty of keen hyperbolic language, rather than the minutiae, a bit of fun, a lot of ice cream.”

white wine in glass
This image inspired Pansy to create her blog, Ice Cream Magazine. (Provided by Ice Cream Magazine)

All the photos used on the site are Pansy’s own, she takes pride in using her own photos and will always give credit where it is due.

There was one photo in particular that inspired Pansy to create Ice Cream Magazine, a crisp glass of white wine.

“The glass of wine shown here and on the front page was the defining dining moment and helped explain, to others, my incessant desire to cook, create, phaph and photograph food,” Pansy stated on her blog.


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