And then: Town and Country

Earlier this afternoon I was driving down Route 130 and I saw Town and Country appear on the horizon, as I came closer I knew I had no choice but to pull in and grab something to eat, breakfast of course.

I haven’t been there in a while but Town and Country is one of those places in my hometown area that you walk in and it feels like home. As I walked through the glass double door into the warm glow of yellow light from the fall decorations I remembered coming here to celebrate with my friends after senior prom with a stack of chocolate chip pancakes.

As soon as I walked in I was met by the hostess, she ushered us pasts booths full of chatting customers and a fully stocked bakery case, which of course caught my eye.

Town and Country doesn’t have a huge breakfast selection, but their breakfast menu is offered 24/7 and that makes up for it in my book.

They cover the basics, egg platters, pancakes, waffles, hash browns, etc. with a few of their own personal combinations that offer the works, plus all the extras that you could possibly think of.


Today, I decided on their homemade creamed chipped beef, and while it was good, I do have to say it’ll never be as good as my Nana used to make it.

“The first time I came here was with my boyfriend for a date night, I got a pasta dish and it was very good,” said Kathy Parise, a long time resident of Florence, from across the booth, with a plate of eggs benedict (sunny side up) steaming in front of her. “We had a great time. Jerry got Chinese food,” she added and chuckled.


It being 4 p.m. on a Sunday afternoon, the diner was packed. Family and friends almost filled the large dining door and peals of laughter rang through the air every few moments. Town and Country is a regular spot for a lot of residents in the areas so it tends to get noisy at times as regulars enjoy themselves.

“I don’t think that I’ve ever had breakfast here before, but the spread looks great, there’s an abundance of food just like I remember that there always is,” said Parise, who first tried the diner six years ago and has come back a few times since. “The potatoes are from earlier today, I think,” she paused to laugh.


She was right, the hash browns were not as well done as I would have liked them to be, but the larger portions for the low price added some balance.

Customers that have taken their reviews to Yelp seemed to have mixed opinions as well, giving the diner an overall score of three stars.

Honestly, even though Town and Country occasionally misses the mark with flavor, they make up for it with atmosphere. The entire dining area is cast in a warm, soothing glow from overheard lamps and hand painted murals of pastel landscapes.

“The servers are always very friendly and attentive, and usually the food is good, I’d definitely like to come back again,” said Parise.


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