Fan Favorite: Amy’s Omelette House (@Burlington)

Amy’s Omelette House is basically a landmark for Burlington, NJ. I’ve lived in the area for practically my whole life and I’ve yet to meet anyone who’s admitted to not frequenting the popular breakfast spot.

If I’m being completely honest with you all, I’m killing two birds with one stone with this article because I was way over due for a visit to Amy’s. Plus, with fall weather finally in full swing, I could order my favorite dish judgement free (no, it’s not anything pumpkin spice, but you’re close.)

It’s not fall if I’m not ordering caramel apple pancakes from Amy’s.

Warm caramel apple pancakes with whipped cream and powdered sugar. It’s definitely that time of the year again.

As you can see, I was so eager to dig into the steaming hot caramel drizzled hot cakes that I forgot to snap a picture (and burned my tongue) before devoured a third of my meal. I feel like that says more about my review of this diner than any picture ever could.

Although Amy’s is known for their incredible, and seemingly never ending, supply of omelettes (there are over 200 on the menu now), they have a varied selection of specialized pancakes, french toast, and crepes and an entirely separate section for those who are willing to pass up breakfast for lunch.

“To be very bias, I always come back for the french toast. I think that they have the best french toast,” said Nevander Taylor, who has been a faithful customer at Amy’s for the last five years.

Nevander Taylor has been dining in at Amy’s for five years now and he always sticks with what he knows: French Toast.

Similarly, Nevander had polished off an entire slice of french toast before I finally broke out of my breakfast haze to snap a photo. Not that that my mini photo shoot stopped him from digging in for more.

“It’s fluffy and has a good balance between the cinnamon, which creates this perfect harmony. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that I dump no less than five packets of syrup on top,” he continued in between bites.

When ordering, Nevander never even opened the menu, he knows exactly what he wants when he comes to Amy’s.

Pro Tip: Nevander Taylor always places his eggs (sunny side up) on the slices of toast before digging in.

Mean while, customers on all sides of us were bent over their menus, trying to shift through all eight pages and be ready by the time the waitress came back (NOT an easy feat).

I never leave the Pancakes and French Toast section and I’ll still have to ask my waitress for more time at least twice.

Amy’s has an extensive menu that goes on for eight pages.

Lucky for you, their entire menu is on their website so you can click here so you can spend more time fulfilling your breakfast dreams rather than studying the menu.

Another thing worth mentioning is the decor, Amy’s has mastered the perfect cozy diner feel. The wall are plastered memorabilia and knick nacks, sitting at the counter will take you back to a different era.

Amy’s is an important part of Burlington and patrons are thankful for the memories that it has given them.

“(Amy’s  is) historic to Burlington and it offers residents here a place to connect with family and friends while enjoying great food,” said Nevander.

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