Up next: Amy’s Omelette House

Up next on the great breakfast tour of South Jersey will be Amy’s Omelette House located in Burlington on 130. Although the diner is only opened from from 7 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. daily, the breakfast nook is nearly always packed with faithful customers.

Amy’s perfectly captures the vintage feel of a classic diner, complete with a red phone booth on the side of the building.

Tom Vaidyan perfectly captured the outside of the diner in his twitter post of July, 2015. The mural reflects an exact copy of the retro style of the font of the building.

The inside of the diner resembles an old train car, transporting patrons in time. The walls are completely covered in memorabilia and murals that give the diner a classic feel. Ronnie1965 captured the ascetic perfectly in his Instagram post:

Amy’s is know for it’s vast selection of omelette’s, in fact, the diner reports that it offers omelette’s that “sizzle in more than 200 different varieties,” waitresses are used to being asked for a few extra minutes to order (several times). The menu itself is a whopping eight pages long and offers everything from chicken and waffles to it’s Five Alarm Burger, complete with fried jalapenos, cherry peppers, onions, and pepper jack cheese.

Another thing to note: the portions are huge! Which makes them extremely post worthy, Joseph Brooks couldn’t help but snap a pic and ask another fellow diner lover if they had ever visited the Omelette house. If not, I hope they’ve found their way there!

Amy’s understands that presentation is key and Instagram has not overlooked this, several users have put up pics of the photogenic food to spice up their feeds. Take a look:

Next time: we put the food to the test!

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